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Default First Official Training job

Hey everyone,

I recently got a personal training offer from a woman who just opened a Message Therapy/Fitness studio to train small groups (4-6 people) and individual training sessions using kettlebells and bodyweight workouts.

I have a Crossfit Level One Certification and have some experience training people in singles, but little experience training groups. I spoke with the woman and it appears that she's going to give me the gig. However, maybe I'm too hard on myself, but I'm a bit intimidated because she said her previous trainer was very good and had a Crossfit Cert. along with O-lifting and Kettlebell certs and I fear that I may be in for a rude awakening and not be able to live up to her standards. I'm curious what the experienced trainers on this forum think about this. Should I go for it and see how it goes or am I in over my head? I know my stuff, but I feel that my experience is lacking somewhat.

Are there any recommendations that you guys could give me or any heads-ups in terms of what to expect taking my first serious training gig? I'd appreciate any input, thanks.
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