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Originally Posted by Daniel Dean View Post
I had to look this up. So it's essentially an AMRAP protocol using your 10RM and always staying well under failure? It seems like more of a mass-building program than strength one, I've never heard of a strength program that uses 10RM loading. Staley seems well regarded, but his website for the program reads like sites that hawk acai berry diets and similar crap. I'm also calling BS on his physics:
I don't follow the "10 rep max" recommendations. For squats, deadlifts, presses, etc... I use my 5 rep max and pull triples and doubles for the PR Zone

For Oly lifts I pull a daily max, reduce the max by 20-30kg. for a 10min. PR Zone, add 10kg for another 10min. PR Zone., followed by 2 more PR Zones for assistance lifts.

I basically follow Staley's time recommendations with movements, sets, reps and working weight based on my own needs.

Density training isn't a Staley invention.

Armoring? If you mean adding muscle mass, at 5-6, 160 and <10% BF I already have all the lean body mass I want.
Armoring isn't increasing lean mass. Armoring is loading the body directly to strengthen all the stabilizers. Bulletproofing if you will.

I feel it's the key to keeping me injury free in my 40's while I splitboard,, DH/FR, etc.. at high level.
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