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Kevin Perry
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haha you guys need to get some of it in, it'll hit all the hip muscles like crazy.


Press: 105 x 5, 120 x 3, 135 x 3
Chins: BW+20# x 50 reps
Dips: BW + 30# x 50 reps
BB Row: 115 x 5 x 10
Curls : 50 reps

Well lack of sleep, lots of work the last few days and lack of food probably led to a crappy press and annoyed shoulders today.

I'm getting significantly leaner and weight is slowly creeping up, nothing huge by any means but when you take weight fluctuations out of the equation i think i've gone up 1-1.5 pounds in the last month. Not even counting calories just letting things fall into place and just eating when i can making improvements when i can.

I need to sleep more and eat more though. BTW weight has been steady at 149-150. I stopped caring about mass gain, much nicer not worrying about things like that and just focusing on consistent training.

As a result of balancing strength, hypertrophy and conditioning I am starting to feel a lot better in each area: looks, conditioning, overall strength for my bw, etc.
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