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Is she letting you do things you way or does she have a format she would like for you to follow?

Things I wish I had done:
1. Better client evaluation, rather than just the standard, bodyweight, height, and bodyfat. Looking at problem areas right away...etc
2. On ramp type program, Like what Robb did, that way you are starting the group of clients all at the same level, perhaps having an on ramp class for X amount of sessions per group. That way you don't have an advanced trainee being majorly bored when you are trying to teach the 4 beginners how to squat and vice versa, where you have 4 advanced people and the 1 person who doesn't even know how to deadlift much less deadlift for a max.
3. KISS as much as possible, perhaps set monthly goals for certain groups, i.e. MWF group for March will focus on strength programming with teaching portion and conditioning portion to follow. While in April you focus on fat loss, with minimal strength work...etc
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