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Originally Posted by Ben Byram View Post
I'm planning to use the block training template in the Ultimate MMA conditioning book from July onwards. I have no specific goal or plans to do MMA in this 8/9 month period (although I'm toying with restarting Judo or trying boxing).

Perhaps asking in the fighting forum is not the best idea, but regardless has anybody used his methodology without actually doing any martial arts? Would you recommend any modifications or alterations to the template? More emphasis on strength endurance perhaps...

I'm doing this just for fun and I enjoy programming, so this seems the best option for 'general fitness' whereby I can introduce variety effectively. (No discussions of Crossfit necessary).

I'm interested to hear any views / comments.
I used it a little bit to train for the military. It worked out very well for me.

Joel didn't write out a set plan on purpose. He gave guidelines. If you want to do more strength endurance work, you can do that. You're supposed to have a goal and use block training to meet that goal. If you're deficient in strength endurance, then you'd put that as your primary focus and secondary focus as often as possible into your blocks.

If you're just doing this for fun though, you don't need to make it into something overly complicated. Conjugated-sequence programming (the block training model in the book) is an advanced model of programming that isn't for everyone. For non-athletes/competitors, I'd recommend that they not worry too much about smooth transitions between blocks or even the timing of blocks. If you feel that you want to work longer than the prescribed time for a block, I don't think it matters much.
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