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Originally Posted by Bryan Kemper View Post

What is the true incidence of Crossfit induced rhabdo cases? Of the number of Crossfit workouts that have occurred over the past ten years, how many individuals have actually, medically been diagnosed with rhabdo? How many workouts have been done by how many people that have not had an occurrence of rhabdo.

I don't deny that 107 cases that you have been able to data mine over the internet is significant, but what does that mean from a statistical or epidemiological point of view? The only person that I have known to have been diagnosed with a mild case of rhabdo was the result of a Spinning class.

PS...I can't view your attachments from this computer, so I really don't know what the 107th case is at this point, but it really would not change my viewpoint.


You mentioned you are "medical" in the AF. How many cases of Rhabdo are there each year in the AF? I know that is a big number, but ask a renal specialist. I was an ICU nurse at Ft. Benning many years ago. In my 3 years there, I saw 2 cases, there may have been more than that, that is what I saw.

Ft. Benning is where a lot of training...infantry basic/advanced/ranger/airborne, etc. Alot of guys going through there doing pretty physical demanding stuff.
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