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Originally Posted by Steven Madison View Post
One of the workouts that my "trainer" scaled me down to this:

March 14, 2008

5 rounds for time:

9 reps 85 lb hang squat clean (scaled from 155lbs)
18 ring rows (scaled down from rope climbs)


90 ring rows and at that time I struggled with 2 dead hang pullups. This was scaled, I mentioned that right, Bryan?


I don't know your training background or conditioning status at the time, so it may or may not have been too much volume for you. At least you were not expected to do a large volume of jumping towel pullups with slow negatives until you "felt the burn."

I have had many workouts that have left me wrecked both before and after starting Crossfit. Many of the before workouts was too much volume too soon resulting in major DOMS. I have had many CF WODs that have wrecked me, but not so that I have had to curtail training or sought medical attention.

How much of an awareness of the condition "rhabdo" has resulted in DOMS being described as "mild rhabdo?" Muscle soreness is a side effect of training....
I couldn't straighten my arms for almost a week.[/
If you're being obtuse on purpose, bravo! If not....

DOMS is one thing, being quite sore for a day or two sure. Not being able to straighten your arms is another. And ring rows are just as bad as any jumping pullup with a slower negative.....they're begging for rhabdo.

You're in the military. What would happen if you went to work and seriously, your arms were bent at the elbow 90 degrees?
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