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Originally Posted by Pat McElhone View Post

You mentioned you are "medical" in the AF. How many cases of Rhabdo are there each year in the AF? I know that is a big number, but ask a renal specialist. I was an ICU nurse at Ft. Benning many years ago. In my 3 years there, I saw 2 cases, there may have been more than that, that is what I saw.

Ft. Benning is where a lot of training...infantry basic/advanced/ranger/airborne, etc. Alot of guys going through there doing pretty physical demanding stuff.
Since I am in eye care and not in Internal Med or ICU, so I don't have any idea on AF rhabdo admissions or diagnoses. I can't find the email that had information about the success at Luke AFB, but they compared the injury rate with Crossfit compared to various intramural sports and other activities. The per participant injury rate with Crossfit WODs was miniscule compared to the intramural injury rate. Sorry for the lack of details.
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