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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post

My view on crossfit not being the dumbest exercise movement in the history of exercise is open to change if someone can come up with actual science and examples of elite performance, injury prevention, and lack of jack assery. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anyone show that lately.
While i certainly agree CF is stupid movement, i must give a little credit to it. life/training in hawaii is mostly about ocean activities, triathlons, and mma/bjj....mostly endurance stuff. and i've done or tried most of it. although the CF training methods are nothing new, CF opened up worlds that I would never heard about, much less done, down here in isolation. after all, the olympic lifting community in hawaii is very very small. and CF defects will only help these types of communities to grow.

but aside from that, i can see no other perks with CF, especially since i am already happily married. thus, i still feel it is my duty to let people how i feel about CF, if they ask me.
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