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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
I've said this so many times on this thread, and its the reason why I was banned on the CrossFit messageboards in 2 posts in the first place.

Greg Glassman:
Created CrossFit and the exercise prescription
He doesn't have an education in anything exercise related
He doesn't have a performance background in anything related to crossfit workouts (gymnastics isn't in the wods)
He doesn't have any exercise accreditations
He spits in the face of all clinical and evidence based established exercise information, trials, phds, coaches, educations, credits, and sports
He doesn't even exercise
Talks really big
Makes up his own exercise vocabulary, goals, definitions and competitions

It's a massive red flag for malpractice and injury causation

Yet this guys is considered an expert, people are innocently being crushed by the workouts he's making up, the definitions he's come up with, are being influenced by their "work capacity philosophy", are being put in life and death situations, and subjugated to permanent skeletal injuries.

Someone gets the rarest form of life threatening muscle damage, and everyone looks around and just blames it on the victim, while its consistently repeated

And people are defending this guy and the company.
Or afraid to confront them about it.
Its not right.
I dunno, using dead military personnel for marketing seems more than slimy. Some questions come to mind:

a) did the personnel even do CrossFit?
b) did CrossFit HQ get permission from the family?

I'm sure a) and b) are "Yes", but thought I'd throw it out there if others agree/disagree. It doesn't make it any less slimy IMO if the answer is "Yes" to both, something about it just doesn't seem honoring. One day the workout is about your son who met a tragic end in Iraq, the next day it is SDHP and med ball cleans and a picture of people's bare a$$es on the mainsite WOD.

I think more honoring would be to have workouts in honor of all of them, say in a several day long games format, instead of here and there randomly on the mainsite. Use the proceeds 100% to re-activate Operation Phoenix which seems defunct, donate to the personnels' family or favorite charities.

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