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Rick Deckart
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For a beginner there a plenty ways to improve the deadlift without training it much at all. For example work on squats, occassionaly do deadlifts like Steve described, the deadlift will most likely rise too.

Rack pulls or pulls from blocks helped me big time (okay my weights are so tiny they don't deserve any mentioning but still...) OHS brought some good transfer for me, but in all fairness I did a lot of volume with it. Not sure if that would be worthwhile for others.

Identifiy your weakness (the start, transition around knees, lockout) and give it some extra work.

One thing not mentioned so far, straps. These can and will increase your deadlift considerably. Don't know why but there is some linkage between hands and back/legs. If you feel that you can't hold a weight it won't move. Use straps and the very same weight may fly up... Happened to me on several occassions when I did deadlifts.
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