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I'd likely guess that the "super DOMS" e.g. swollen areas of the body without clinical rhabdo (e.g. brown urine from myoglobin) is likely at least 5x higher than the actual cases of rhabdo.

Creatine kinase levels in "super DOMS" are easily elevated above 10k which is a general marker for releasing someone from the hospital after rhabdo. Hell, any intense exercise elevates CK levels drastically so that's not just CF.

Likewise, I would estimate the actual cases of rhabdo that are never reported are probably at least 3x+ higher than the ones on FB/CF boards.

Of course, I have nothing to back this up except my considerably high amounts of replying to posts both on message boards, facebook, and to people IRL so take that for what it's worth I guess.

I mean hell OPT pretty much almost killed himself. The CF Games are just insanely high volume it's kinda dumb. Much worse than MP except people do MP for months and years, and come from non-athletic backgrounds which can actually be worse.

Something that is disturbing that I have rarely ever seen talked about is the fact that certain meds like statins increase risk of rhabdo........ but you never see ANYONE (not just CF trainers... all trainers really) ask that before having someone exercise. With all the docs that put people on statins nowadays it's very very very very risky....

It's probably best if gyms had a full patient history that they had to fill out before allowing people to exercise, and to educate their trainers on certain contraindications. All I've ever seen on most gyms waiver forms are like do you have any heart problems or asthma... clearly not the best screening process ever.
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