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SealFit (modified/scaled)

800m run

Clean & Jerk
135lbs x 3
185lbs x 2
205lbs x 1
215lbs x 1
225lbs x 1
235lbs x 1
245lbs x 2 (both failures)

Work Capacity
50 pullups
400m run
21 thrusters @ 95lbs
800m run
21 thrusters @ 95lbs
400m run
50 pullups (only did 25/rippage)


Felt a little weak on the runs...only had a peanut butter sandwich before training. tried this pre workout "ravage"...felt a little dehydrated. plus i drank about 8 beers last night...
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
~Mas Oyama~
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