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hadn't posted in a while.

i competed in arnolds in the gi on saturday, but hardly anybody showed up. I think it was poorly run last year (like every year), so people got fed up. I don't think i'll go again next year. it felt silly. fwiw, i won my tiny division.

strength goals: after playing with "ultimate mma conditioning," i enjoy the block system, but i'll change a few things based on what i know works for me and what random exercise goals i have. for example, jump roping for 15-30 min after every workout has tremendous benefits for me, so i think i will continue that regardless of cycle now.

i thought of approaching the blocks differently as well. i've never put a whole lot of training into OL like i have other exercise. i'm considering running blocks of OL now w/ maintenance gymnastics or vice versa. basically, 2 days of OL and 1 day gymnastics or vice versa. i saw a lot of improvement in my gymnastics strength when i took time off to try the ultimate mma conditiong approaches. i think the rest was what i really needed.
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