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I didn't expect such a lackluster response, but in case anyone is still looking here's what I have schemed up. Going to go with Gant's hybrid progam for S&C (beginner version, I only have iron weights at the moment so power O-lifts and push presses seems prudent for safety's sake) supplemented with two interval workouts (one run, one bike), a speed run or ride (30-60 minutes @ 90% RPE) and a long run (2-6 hours @ ~75% RPE). S&C and endurance work will be separated by about 10 hours usually (one before work, the other after).

Weekly schedule should look like this:

M: S&C, run intervals
Tu: S&C
W: S&C, speed run or ride
Th: Off/active rest
F: S&C, bike intervals
Sa: Long run
Su: Off/active rest

It's pretty much what I did last summer for the speedgoat except 1) I'm doing Gant's program instead of the CFE S&C workouts; and 2) Doing one interval workout on the spin bike instead of running.
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