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Default Active Isolated Stretching

I stopped doing the mobility wods on a regular basis cause they were a little too aggressive to be doing regularly. Namely, my hip flexors were so sore afterwards that I was having trouble doing lower body work. I still had some issues with tightness and shortening of some muscles that didn't seem to want to get better past a certain point.

Enter, AIS. There was an article on T Bag a couple weeks ago that was okay and showed a few stretches to do.

Anyway, about 6 weeks ago I got this manual from Barnes and Noble with a gift card I got back at Christmas. Here's the Amazon link because I'm too lazy to go to Barnes and Noble's site, and amazon came up first on google. I didn't pay anywhere near $942 for it. I don't think it was more than $45.

Just passing it along. My calves are finally loosening and I feel pretty good. I still do JM stuff, and some other stretching, including Mobility Wod stuff 2-3x/week.
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