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I'm a bit confused by what you're after. Initially you said "I have fairly competing training goals. I need mass, strength and power for resort skiing and DH biking, but also CV endurance for backcountry ski touring", then you said "If you mean adding muscle mass, at 5-6, 160 and <10% BF I already have all the lean body mass I want".

Assuming you just want to be stronger, not bigger and develop endurance.

I would suggest focusing on one aim at a time for at least a couple of months and putting a little less effort into the secondary aim. E.g. Focus on endurance for 2/3 months leading into the summer for biking and do maybe 1/2 basic weight sessions for sets of 1-5, probably more 3's if you don't want mass. Improved strength will translate to greater power initially, so not sure the Olympic lifts are necessary for your goals.

Then do another block focusing on strength whilst maintaining endurance as you approach the winter. Perhaps using Gants programme then if you like. I also like kettlebells as well as barbells for building a little resilience before I go boarding if they are available. Mainly swings and snatches, perhaps get-ups. You could use a dumbell though.

Also, I wouldn't bother with intervals all the time, just do them every few months for a few weeks. I believe that is more effective. Read this very good series by Lyle McDonald There is a summary at the end, but it's worth reading all of it.

I'm certainly no expert, but as you wanted a response this is what I think although it looks like you may have already decided.
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