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Yesderday 20110308

My own programming on this one...bad idea..

Power Clean to Front Squat
135lbs x 8
185lbs x 6
205lbs x 5
225lbs x 3
235lbs x 3 (fails)

2 rounds (supposed to be 4...haha)

225lbs x 3 (pwr clean to front squat)
10 step ups on 24" box (holding 2 35lb KBs)
50meter buddy carry w/ 120lb dummy

Afterwards did some sparring w/ MCMAP and then did the MARSOC short card.

Not a good session...sometimes I fall victim to my own ideas w/ programming workouts...!


3 rounds:
MCMAP workout w/ boots/utes/flak jacket
12 sprawls
24 pushups
36 squats
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