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Originally Posted by Dave Coughlin View Post
Nice work Gant, the hybrid evolves again!

I was thinking about going with the Texas Method, but those 5x5s were pretty intense. Recovery might be an issue for me, if my shift night I don't sleep too well (which is almost always a given). This template gives me some wiggle room throughout the week, which I usually utilize. My questions to you are as follows:

-How many days a week are you doing other active stuff? Meaning BJJ, Highland Games prep, or anything else....I like to compete in a variety of stuff, like you; so I'm interested in seeing how you integrate the non-barbell days.

-What would be a good progression with developing my olympic snatch and clean? You list the power versions of both, which IIRC you said you prefer in your original Hybrid thread. Should I start with the Hang Power versions one week, power the next, and then into the olympic versions? I ask because I may try my hand at a masters olympic competiton in the late spring/early summer.
Volume in the weight room gets me, as well. The EZ isn't designed to get you hyooge. It's designed to build useful power and strength while allowing you to dabble in something else. It could be a nice stand-alone program, as well.

Here is my outside-the-weightroom schedule
* teach kids judo: 2 days/2 hours
* judo: 1 day/2 hours
* teach/do judo competitors/conditioning class: 1 day/2 hours
* teach/do jujitsu: 1 day/2 hours
* wrestling: 1 day/1 hr
* coach kids soccer: 3 days/3 hours
* MTB/trail stuff (ideally): 1 day/1.5 hours
* play outside with kids, kayak, whatever

When HG gets here, I'll trade conditioning for throwing.

The progression I like for developing a snatch and clean is to do a snatch and clean. I'm not great at either lift, and I don't care to be. I use the power versions because I want you pulling the bar as high as possible. No need to let a front squat or OHS mess with your lifts or recovery.

As for progression, Rip teaches the full lift, Greg parts it out, and Glenn teaches something in the middle. They all work, and they all have literature on it.
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