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Woudl you still do this on day per week basis?

Or, do you think slightly higher volume would work as you working lower weights on the deficit work?

This is sort of the logic I've been working towards to get tha DL moving again.

Monday is higher volume but lower intensity, pulling from a snatch grip or off a block in my squat shoes.

Wed. pull from a rack maybe with straps. Low volume, but very high intensity.

Saturday. High intensity, very low volume. Work up to a heavy single or a triple.

I suppose if I was over 500 pounds in the DL it would be too much. At my more modest numbers, (I work set of 315 from a snatch grip) it might be do-able.

Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
One other idea I had for the deadlift, but never tried was an alternating program of pulling from a deficit (i.e. standing on 1-3" platform) and the next workout (either during the same week, or perform one DL based workout each week) you'd pull from a surplus.

Instead of doing rack pulls, I'd do a pull from 1-2" above my knee, which seems to relate to a weak point in my deadlift.
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