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Default Vegan lifestyle for strength and size

I'm a Vegan (no animal products), and I'm hoping to use your knowledge to improve my diet. A couple of quick points about myself. I'm a vegan because I feel that raising and killing smart, feeling animals in terrible conditions is morally wrong. I can't support this industry anymore, so no going back. I agree that, evolutionarily, humans are omnivores are a best suited to a diet of Veggies, fruit, Seeds and, yes, meat. But just because thats what we did doesn't mean its right now.

Anyway, I'm male, weigh 102kg (about 220 pounds) at around 20% body fat (calculated from tape measurements). I have a 160kg squat, 180kg dead, 65kg OH press, 75ish bench. Also a 9.6 shuttle run and a 78 second 400m.

I want to increase my numbers in all those lifts, play around with lifting stones, and generally look muscular.

I try to stick to whole foods, but its not a hard and fast rule. My breakfast is normally 100 grams of oats, cooked with coconut milk and 20 grams of LSA (Linseed, sunflower and almond meal). Also a soy milk shake with 40 grams of brown rice protein and ~8 grams of EAA powder.

Lunch is normally reheated dinner from the night before.

Dinner is normally bean based, something like burritos, or spaghetti sauce. I also like Falafel's with Hummus and home made veggie burgers.

Does anyone have suggestions to improve my diet? Meal ideas? Comments?
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