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I thought I would write some background for anyone who is reading. I started lifting about 8-9 months ago at 60 kg bodyweight. After starting strength and eating a ton I was up to 80 kg. Got fat and didnt get so strong so I lost motivation. But now its time to get strong and fast!

Current 1RM (approx)

Squat: 80
Front squat: 55
Bench: 60
Snatch 40
C&J 50
press: 40

BW 76


Squat: 120
Front squat 100
Deadlift 170
Bench 100
Press 50
Snatch 70
Clean and jerk 85

BW 85

Long term goal would be to try and compete in PL or OL, that would be fun!

Going back to SS with some extra snatches and C&J instead of power clean.
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