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Default Planche and Front lever

With my wrist healing, I am looking to continue my bodyweight training. This time around I am looking to narrow my training. The goals I am pushing towards is planche and front lever development. As opposed to my previous routine of HS,L-sit, planche,bl, front lever. I will be doing this routine 3-days a week. With legs on T & TR. This fits into my schedule a lot better. I do have some questions I will post below.

Planche: This time around I will aim at getting stronger in PPPU as well as planche static holds. However I am wondering if doing a combination of static work, and using varying strength work to supplement. Say 30 seconds of static work, followed by 5x2 PPPU, 30 seconds of planche lean, or 5x2 straight arm tuck planche press ups.

Front Lever: I plan to do negatives one day, statics the next, and concentric work the next. So single leg negatives day 1, flat tuck fl holds day 2, and Tuck FL rows day 3.

I eventually would like begin working on SA press to HS. However I do not have the strength in my wrist to hold myself up that way. My HS work will consist of press to HS, and fresstanding balancing. I will also include RTO support holds to strengthen my shoulder extension. I will also include wrist and shoulder pre-hab. Tues and Thur will consist of Natural body curls, as well as some rower intervals, followed by stretching and foam rolling. This is about all my leg can handle as I await the results of my bone scan.

I am looking for critiques and opinions here. Like I said the overall goal here is to advance my strength in the planche and front lever. However instead of using primarily steady state static holds, I wish to use strength oriented movements as well as some static holds to accelerate gains.
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