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Troy Kerr
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Planche I feel very stagnate in. I have been training bodyweight for over a year now, and even though there have been some obvious strength gains, I am not where I should be. I was able to hold and adv. tuck planche for 5-6 seconds in august, but i tweaked the same spot on my wrist that I injured a couple weeks ago. Since then I have been working strictly static holds, with the only pushing work coming from HSPU once a week either on paralettes, or rings in a 5x2. A tuck planche is difficult, and the knee on the elbow tuck planche is slighty difficult, with balance or my knees slipping off being the main issue. The parralettes still tweak my wrist a bit. In terms of pressing strength though I can do a RTO dip, 12-15 ring dips, and a fair amount of ring hspu.
As far as the front lever, I tried a crank tonight and was able to execute it. When looking at the video my legs are a tad bit higher. I can hold a FL for about 1-2 seconds.
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