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Contest sim day yesterday. PR'd my deadlift and flipped the tire all five flips in a row, no help needed to flip it to the good side first. Still couldn't get the 215# stone but I think I'll be able to get the 170#-180# before it. If there's only one event I can't finish and it's the 200# stone I'm OK with that.

Did flat-footed squats for the first time ever since I got heeled shoes. I know heeled shoes increase quad dominance in the squat but the difference was pretty ridiculous. Definitely switching to these for a while. Have avoided them up until now because I could never get down very far without collapsing over and losing it in the hole. Thought this was solely due to poor ankle flexibility, but in retrospect my inability to sit back due to no hammies probably didn't help. I'm happy that these squats aren't that much worse than my heeled squats, only about 10kg worse for a set of 5.

It's fascinating how one immobility or dysfunction can be traced all kinds of problems up and down the kinetic chain that you might never consciously connect. A lifter I know is getting surgery done on his hip for FAI and while doing research found basically every problem and pain he's been dealing with is clinically linked to this impingement. I think there is nothing as satisfying as diagnosing a major weakness and seeing improvement when addressed. It is so much easier to make progress when your limitations are specific rather than general.

Prowler pull: 475#x50' <-- even easier than last week
DL for reps in 60s: 250#x7
Axle C&P for reps in 60s: 100#x8
Tire flip/keg carry medley: 450#/150# x 5 flips/50'
Stone loading: 165#x3 + 215#(f)x1x3 + 165#x4
Sn: 35x4, 40x2, 45x2, 52x2, 55, 58, 55x2x5
C&J: 45x3, 52x2, 60x2, 68x2
Cl PTK + pull: 68x(2+1)x2x3
BS (flat-foot): 40x5, 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 75x5x3
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