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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Cool link. Thanks for that. I've wondered how farmers walks may workout with the trap bar tilting or whatever. Wouldn't have the same issue with farmers bars.

I see. Is it because of the set up? I've seen it that some people have a lot of trouble getting set up inside some trap bars. I'm only a shade over 5'6" barefoot.

I can see where the trap bar may be better if you wanted to add some sort of a shrugging movement, but the farmers allow you to get your hands where you want them (ie, closer to your legs).

I'm over thinking this now, huh?

everything you want to do with a trap bar you can do fine with farmers, if you need a lower pick, stand on a couple plates. trap bars make me feel boxed in and the feel less stable when you walk, farmers allow you to get a little side to side waddle going.

trap bar you can probably pull more that with farmers but who cares. If it's not a deadlift it's shit anyway.
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