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If you decide to build the ones in the link I have a few ideas or pointers(these are probably obvious for most..I am not that bright). We just used a Sawzall and a handheld drill. We did not have a vice to grip the pipe, it would have been very helpful to have one though.

1. Get the correct drill bit

2. Make sure the handles are straight. The first time mine were put together one handle was a little crooked and it made it really awkward.

3. The pipe that holds the weight is a not quite as wide as a barbell so my barbell clamps would not hold the weights. My friend had the idea to use pins. So on the ends where the weights go drill holes through the pipe about every inch or so. Then buy four lock pins like this. Mine were about $10 total at a local supply store. Then you can keep weights in place like this:

4. Use a bastard file to file down your cuts. Those edges will be razor sharp.

As for picking it up and carrying it. In the photo the guy is using a hook grip. I just could not get the hang of that. This video has some pretty good pointers. For a long time I tried to hold them the way I would hold a deadlift with the handle more towards the base of my fingers. That was not working out too well. I started gripping it more in my palm and made some pretty good progress. Again this is probably obvious to most people.

And keep those calluses filed down. Otherwise you are going to have some rips.
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