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Tuesday March 22nd


No real improvement and I'm sure its from the grease the groove push ups I've been doing the last few days. Don't really care about push ups that much so I'm stopping.

~170# Stone

Found this stone in a golf course near my house and I've been trying to lift it for days now. First day I dropped it on my hand, the second I couldn't budge it, but today I found just the right hand holds and lapped (spl?) it pretty easily. The hardest part was locking out once I had it in a bear hug, which I found interesting. Anyway was pretty pleased to finally lift my first stone.

Wrist Roller

My forearm is barely resting on the bar anymore, half the time its just my upper arm on it with forearms pointing down while I wrist roll. I might as well just be standing on a bench. I think I'll start doing that actually.
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