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Originally Posted by Gareth Rees View Post
Hi Per,

Olympic lifts are great for building strength, and of course increasing strength would be a huge help to increase your lifts. And with regards to the technique question, strength and power are the 'tools' to lift the weights, but technique is the medium through which this strength and power is expressed...
Hi Gareth,

I formulated the question poorly, what I meant was if one should get strong and then do oly-lift or if the strength comes with the technique and training of oly-lifts.


Back squat: 3x5 50, last set got heavy, but it only feels like a form issue
Press 2x5 35
1x3 35
P. snatches up to 42.5. I tried to squat a little more when I catch the bar, went better. Form videos on saturday or sunday.
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