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Originally Posted by Peter Puetz View Post
Hi Allen, I hope you don't mind if I comment on the sotts press...

With a KB the shoulder is still in a relatively strong position, not so with a barbell, here you work the shoulders in their weakest position.
However while increasing your strict press will do next to nothing to your sotts press, increasing the latter will almost certainly increase your strict press too.

BTW if your bodyweight is close to 175# and considering you did OHS with 95# for 21 reps I would say that you could achieve BW OHS for reps (5-10) in a relatively short time span...
Thanks for the clarification Peter, I was just baffled that I couldn't get the 95# barbell to move at all. Espcially since my strict press is about double that.

My BW is closer to 186 so I did the 95#'s out of curiosity to see how many I could string together. I'm trying to hit BW soon though I need to get together some type of routine after this week.
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