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Snatches: Power snatches up to 42.5, feels like form is more of a problem then strength. Forgot the camera so couldt film.

Full snatches (!) up to 27.5, FUN! Fell on my butt a couple of times which I think amused the gym :-)

C&J 52.5 stuck

Front squats: 52.5. Squats were very hard, must up my calorie intake. maybe like this:

Haters getting weak!
Originally Posted by Ola Persson View Post
Good luck with your LP!

I'm on the same trip as you might've seen. Everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt since I'm a beginner as well, but I highly recommend the Greyskull LP. It differs from SS in a few ways and suits me better.

How is the lifting club you mentioned?
Will check that out, do you do oly lifts aswell? I got a number to the coach at the club but he is a hard man to reach. I think Iml just gonna go there next week and see if its cool that I lift there.
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