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Originally Posted by Ron Nelson View Post
Good points MOD.

The other thing that kills me is charging suckers $50/hr or more and then watching them warm up on the stairclimber for 20 min.
If it was me, and it never would be, I'd make the trainer go get me a drink of water.

I know the trainers on this site (even certain trainers with the initials MOD) would never rip people off like that.
You are absolutely right....I charge $75 for a 10min session.....

My favorite are the trainers charging $50 an hour....having 4-5 clients at one time....and not really paying attention to any of them as he is on the phone chatting away....sitting on one machine and acting like a traffic cop telling people which machine to go to next....and then the clients say "Ohhh, he's such a great trainer...I really feel it". Really? Was it the 10 min of solo lunges that maybe did it, not him?? I think it pisses me off more that I can't ditch my morals and make $250/hr....on the other hand...can't put all the blame all trainers as they are a product of their environment...a gym taking 40%, only offering long term training packages and putting 15 trainers on the floor so they all have to compete and get as many sales as possible...I can't even imagine what it is like in CA with all the "I trained a movie star" trainers and their egos for $200/hour....must be using solid gold 2lb weights for those rear delt raises...
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