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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
No, it's like saying drinking a lot causes drunkenness, but that statement has the same issue you are pointing to, which is that knowing and doing are two different things, particularly when there are physiological issues involved.

But back to your original question, you want ketosis. I provided two strategies to induce ketosis faster. I'll give you a third: LISS or weight training focused on glycogen depletion.

Yes itís precisely like that. If you eat too many calories youíll gain weight is about as useful as saying that if you drink a lot of beer youíll get drunk. OKÖso now what? One it doesnít tell me anything I donít already know and two it doesnít address the fact that I have gone on a caloric restricted diets and still gained weight or at least maintained an undesirable weight. As for training I have been at it most likely longer than youíve been alive. I can say without reservation that exercise may have many benefits but weight loss is not one of them. So I guess the third time wasnít a charm in your case but thanks for trying anyway Frenchy.
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