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Got third place out of five. I'm OK with this, because the two women who took first and second were truly beastly, one being my beastly training partner who did 20 reps of 250# in 60s, and could probably have pulled more but decided to save energy (the second place woman got 19).

Here are event rundowns. I have videos for some of them. I switched to shorts after the deadlift with the hope I could blind my competitors with my paleness. Unfortunately I was never able to catch the light quite right.

250# deadlift for max reps in 60s: 11
This is a huge PR, I think my prior max was 5 or 6. Part of it was I stopped giving a shit about form and pulled it any way I could. This was a lot better than I expected, though I still took fourth.

Truck pull for 50'. Took third. I think my time was 55s or something--I know there was a 60s cap.

The pulling me and my training partner did with the Prowler and sled really paid off. By the end of our training, both of these felt about as hard to get started as the truck, were a lot harder to keep going (since Prowlers don't roll), and we didn't have the benefit of the rope. Next time I need to look up and keep my hips lower.

100" axle C&P for reps in 60s. Got counted for 7.

I was put out by the judging in this event, but it would not have changed the placing. Next time I'll remember to double-check proper form with the judges before I start the event (and will chill out more if I disagree with judging).

5 450# tire flips followed by 50' 150# keg carry for time. Got third (53 seconds?).

The tire was a lot easier than expected. The keg carry, the only other event besides the axle that I was 100% confident about, did not go so well. I booked it but then tripped and dropped the keg. Lost a lot of time. The other competitors said if I hadn't dropped it I probably would've won. Camera ran out of space after the tire flip so my totally awesome clarking was not caught.

Luckily no bicep tears among the women--two men ripped their biceps on the bigger tires, at which point the organizers switched the heavyweight event over to carrying three kegs 50' each for time.

Loading 105#, 118#, 150#, 170# stone to 45'' platform for time. Got second (22 seconds).

The platform seemed slightly higher than in training (like 45-46'' instead of 44''), but the stones were ridiculously lighter. We came in expecting 100-150-170-200. The smallest stone at my gym is 165# and I'd been wrestling with the 215#, so the weight of the stones were not a problem. I got slightly stuck on the last stone because I attempted to haul it up like I did the first three where a little more finesse was needed.


All in all, a good experience! There was no head-case problems and I'm already planning on ways to improve and excited to do another competition. I won't lie, I don't know if I've ever felt that way about Oly. However, I've been doing a lot of work on my head-case-in-competition issues, so it's possible it wouldn't be as much of a problem. In the future, my #1 goal will be to get more aggressive straight out of the gate--I didn't have the confidence in myself to attack the weights initially as much as I should have.

I have absolutely no complaints about my training. It left me well-prepared, maybe even over-prepared. I'm actually more physically tired after normal Strongman Saturdays than I am right now, though as soon as the competition was over I started to crash due to all my nervous energy draining off. It's now the day after and I'm feeling good, so I'll jump right back into normal training tomorrow.
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