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Default I don't know but...

Maybe a class action lawsuit would be effective. I'm guessing if the lawyers got a group of people together to testify against them they would have a case. The problem is that crossfit spends a good deal of time convincing people to scale and whatnot, but the exercises are only safe when you scale. The reality is that nearly all the WODs are dangerously unchecked and this is what all of the crossfitters aspire to. They aspire to have the ability to complete a very dangerous exercise routine at a very high rate of speed. This is about equal to cutting wood on a saw for time. You can make your new deck by taking your time and making sure everything is cut properly (quality work), or you can go as fast as you possibly can and end up chopping your damn hand off (crossfit). I'm not saying that there never a time to go fast, its just usually not smart to go "elite" speed during the weird mix and match exercises that crossfit provides. I believe the way crossfit protects itself is the same way the alcohol and tobacco companies do. If you chose to do something thats this dangerous for you its your fault...I disagree but I bet this is how they get away with everything. I expect to see a surgeon general warning about crossfit someday.
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