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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Thompson View Post
See here:

Some affiliate apparently found 4 cases of torn achilles from the CF Games competition without even looking.
all 4 from that same wod.


From my Orthos point of view, the outlook on what I will be able to do looks pretty limited. For example, "no, you won't ever be able to do box jumps again without risking an irreparable achilles if you were to have another full rupture. No Plyometrics!”

Looks like we've found the lower body SLAP tear.

Im glad that everything got better! These storied about how you and others make me realize I will be able to crossfit sooner then i think.. I only have a partial tear... or so they think. I was doing box jumps and felt it reallllll good on one landing. Stupid thing was I love box jumps so much I kept going... to the point I couldnt stand the pain anymore. went to the doc last week he thought heel contrusion well now a week later the pain is worse and along my achillies... all the symptoms they say directs to a tear but being in iraq we have no capabilities to do an MRI.... so now im on crutches with a supports brace and waiting out my next three weeks until I go back home and can get an MRI or crossfit again.
I completely tore mine November 2010. Now, 4 months post-op resuming with deadlifts, squats, cleans, etc. Still not cleared to run, jump or row. This is one of the worst injuries. Mine completely blew out during a double-under session. One month prior, I had fallen off a pull-up ladder doing flying pull-ups. At that time, I didn't realize I had caused severe damage. I should have went to the Ortho but kept on going. Now I am paying the price for pushing through the initial pain. Bottom line here is get it checked if you have pain and if you do blow-out, your recovery is slow, painful and a burden to everything and everyone.
I did sit on the couch for 5-6 weeks before I did anything.....I have shoulder issues and my achilles surgery site was extremely painful for about one week in almost any position and for 2-3 weeks after it was very painful to be lower the rest of my body. Lots of pain killers, movies and easy reading books for me. I slept a lot. I pretty much did nothing until rehab given the double injury.
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