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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Thompson View Post
Here are a couple: See comment - so I think it's Games-related. And apparently somebody there tore an Achilles tendon on box jumps. And this young man quite unfortunately seems to have ruptured his achilles tendon. And another competitor - don't know if he's one of the ones alluded to above. One of the coaches.

I suppose this is another reason to leave box jumps out of many types of programming. I wish them all a speedy recovery.
7 rounds for time:
10 box jumps
10 wall ball shots..
It's official... I'm part of the rupture club as of yesterday! I'm going to have the most awesome bedazzled boot ever! Can't wait to start the boot workouts in 2 weeks or so.
Achilles Rupture
This is the first traumatic injury I've ever had. Happened on Sunday redoing the 2nd Sectionals WOD.
I was at 11+27 with a 50 seconds to go when it blew out. I frantically looked behind me to see who had hit me, and then realized it had ruptured.
I have a meeting with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow and will get surgery as soon as possible.

I have some thinking to do about what I want and what's important to me.
sorry people on WOD#2 with 4:30 left in the WOD on my 11th round on the box jumps I ruptured my Achilles, I hope it`s not torn, we will see, sorry everyone. I have a video showing the workout and it will be posted on youtube to show my injury, wear ear muffs while listening
Let’s send our support to our very own Coach Nathan. During the sectional wod 11.2, he ruptured his achilles tendon. He is an awesome athlete and a great inspiration to many of us. We are a team and he is a major part of our success. Please take the time to send your prayers for a speedy recovery his way. P.s. send veggies not cookies….

From the top of my head, back when I studying up on Verks work (creator of depth jump), there's a hierarchy of special exercises that leads into boxjumps/depthjumps use, to prepare the muscles and tendons for the shock method. the minimum I think was 60cm at the start of the block training, but the rep scheme at first does not exceed 30 reps; and this is for elite, conditioned, olympic sport athletes. this is common S&C knowledge.
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