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Just started working on this program starting with the conditioning block... question about tempo. It's not circuits, right?

Also, assuming I do BJJ 3-4 days/week, is this too much for off days to work towards?

Workout A: Tempo, HICT, cardiac output
Workout B: HICT, cardiac output
Workout C: low volume HRI, cardiac output

Starting out (beginning of phase) it's looking more like this:

Workout A: cardiac output
Workout B: tempo
Workout C: HICT, HRI

With jits of course on 3-4 additional days and 1 rest day. (Probably will do jits on the cardiac output day if I had to double up at all.)

My only problem so far is that I am having a hard time keeping my heartrate steady for cardiac output (I'm biking, and there are hills and flat areas so hard to stay in range instead of zigzagging) and for my HRI attempt I couldn't get my HR up to 150 even doing hill lunges... I don't have access to a spin bike ATM, so need to figure out how to do this. I think burpees even or bagwork might be a better choice...
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