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Friday April 15th

Power Snatch

These felt a little too difficult, some of them had to be pressed out a little and such. Not very much though. One of the reps had the bar falling backward and onto to the floor, left some dents in my concrete garage floor. But when I really committed 100% to sending the bar flying it went where it needed to go. The 14th rep felt perfect so I think it was more about focus then actual poor recovery.


Lower back was feeling worse as the reps continued, called it a day. I'm switching to the texas method for squats. Actually my whole routine will be texas method inspired. The squat will be 5x5/1x5 with 11 reps of front squats on recovery day, SLDL once a week for ramping 5x5, the olympic variants will progress linearly for as long as they can then I'll start a volume/intensity thing, probably 12x2 then a PR single on friday, alternating PC and PS weekly. Press after smolov will be 6x3 PP on volume day, 2x5 strict press on recovery day, and a pr PP 1-3RM on intensity day. I'll do this for as long as I can, tweaking as necessary, then switch to an olympic lifting specific routine, maybe the CA WOD.

Back Extensions

Done with a some hanging to decompress between reps. Helped a bit.

CoC #1 static holds
25 17 R
16 L

Wow, strong reattainment of PR levels in 1 workout. Big decline in 2nd set so I called it a day with my R hand. Couldn't get the gripper closed for a second attempt with my L hand so thats a big call it a day scenario. I'll get to 30 and then switch to the 1.5.
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