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Originally Posted by Geoffrey Thompson View Post
Ok , so Sunday April 3rd I suffered an Injury known as a Ruptured Achilles Tendon. The injury occurred in the midst of a workout routine , specifically performing box jumps. There were no symptoms or signs of concern leading up to the injury , in fact I felt extremely good and spent adequate time warming up including applying the lacrosse ball to my calves for a good amount of time. With about 2minutes left of a 15 minute workout while landing from a box jump I experienced a bizarre feeling as if someone had kicked me in the back of my lower leg. My initial thought was " What in the world just hit me?" I soon realized that there was nothing that "hit" me but rather I had serious injury. I had a strong feeling that it was my achilles that tore and after feeling for my achilles tendon and realizing it wasnt there , my feeling was confirmed. I held out hope that it was just a partial tear despite knowing deep down it was a full tear. The orthopedic Dr had confirmed that it was indeed a full tear. He said that surgery would give me the best chance at restoring strength and function albeit may never be 100 percent. So surgery is Friday and thus the long road to recovery begins. From what I'm told , 6 - 8 Months of Rehabbing is expected. Time to stay resilient and patient. Yes I'll be limited physically for a bit , however fitness is much more than physical capabilities. Fitness is inclusive to Mind and Spirit aswell , and this injury provides a chance for me to improve upon those aspects. As strange as it may sound , Im looking forward to that.

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