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Originally Posted by Chris Butler View Post
Howdy Doc, Congrats on the new addition! Hope all are healthy and happy!

Good article. I've been strict Paleo (100% if you will) for just about 2yrs. Low carb for 1.5yrs. I've found the need in the last few months to really increase my carb intake.
I figured getting really lean contributed to that?

My sleep has improved, weights are going up, etc....
Thanks Chris! Everyone is doing well.

The lower bodyfat levels do seem to signify the end of the "honeymoon" for many people, as there are not as easily accessible stores of fat.

However, the stress hormones (catecholamines) and the cortisol rhythm getting messed up over time is more likely what caught up with you.

Eating more and eating more carbs tends to lower cortisol in the evening (better sleep) and maintain blood sugar better during the day (so cortisol isn't called upon to prevent reactive hypoglycemia as often).

Lower cortisol levels tend to equate with higher, the increased carbs are likely benefiting your workouts in multiple ways (increased local fuel sources being another one).
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