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Jeff Giliam
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Worked a few 3-Position Snatches into my warm-up today:

Then worked up to 185# on snatch. Missed twice before getting it. I felt strong enough for 190# but barely failed. Hit 3 x 160# that felt really good.

C&J felt pretty slow and weak after those snatches. Hit 235# and failed at 245#. Went down to 205# and got in 3 pretty weak reps.

Pull-ups: 3 x 8 + 5#.

Ankle stretches and Pigeon pose.

I experimented with a slightly wider grip on the snatch. It looks like all my flexibility work might be paying off, because my starting position didn't look too terrible. I do feel that I'm at the point where I'm snatching enough weight that the wrist braces are starting to interfere with my grip.
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