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1. Stop caring about your absolute strength, until you have the fitness required to become an officer. Your absolute strength has little bearing on succeeding at OCS and Basic School.

Learn to love running.

2. Strength train only 1-2 days/week until your endurance is up to par.

3. Stop doing metcons, and run 4-6 days/week. You can do something like 3 slow, long jogs (60 min+) and 1-3 faster runs. The faster runs can be long, like 40 min+ or they can be shorter threshhold type runs that are 20+ min. I'd save the really long faster runs for the end of the week, so you can recover to start the next week.

4. As you get closer to OCS, you can start incorporating more intervals and hill sprints.

5. Do a lot of bodybuilding type work with sets of 10-25+ reps.

6. Read the Ultimate MMA Conditioning thread.

7. Don't try to plan everything out, and just stick with the basics of running a lot. Once your fitness has improved, people can give you more specifics.

Also, OCS has no bearing on your MOS. That is determined solely at Basic School, where you will definitely lose much of your fitness.
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