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Originally Posted by Donald Lee View Post
5. Do a lot of bodybuilding type work with sets of 10-25+ reps.
Why would you want to do bodybuilding training? There's no transfer effect from that at all. If anything it's going to make him slow.

Strength is endurance. That's what I bank on going into my splitboard season.

My recommendation is a 21 day training week with 2 days off between strength sessions.
Running 3-4x per week.
Don't beat yourself into the ground. Recovery is most important. Manage fatigue

You know you can make the 3mi. Endurance isn't a problem. You need more speed.
Speed = Force against the ground.
Do fartleks on 2 sessions, straight run on 1 session and 1 day make an event day since the PFT is done in one shot.

I agree, ditch the met cons. maybe a proper Tabata Protocol (stationary bike) occasionally.
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