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Originally Posted by Chris Butler View Post
Why would you want to do bodybuilding training? There's no transfer effect from that at all. If anything it's going to make him slow.

Strength is endurance. That's what I bank on going into my splitboard season.

My recommendation is a 21 day training week with 2 days off between strength sessions.
Running 3-4x per week.
Don't beat yourself into the ground. Recovery is most important. Manage fatigue

You know you can make the 3mi. Endurance isn't a problem. You need more speed.
Speed = Force against the ground.
Do fartleks on 2 sessions, straight run on 1 session and 1 day make an event day since the PFT is done in one shot.

I agree, ditch the met cons. maybe a proper Tabata Protocol (stationary bike) occasionally.
Chris, I disagree with everything you said except for not beating yourself into the ground.

Running 3-4 days/week can work, but Jon should not waste time doing other stuff that isn't helpful for OCS when he has so much more to improve in his running. Especially with how competitive getting into OCS is now, I'd reckon that Jon has to get a sub-20 min 3-mile time by February at the latest to have a chance at getting selected. Too many people think they can get in running shape really quickly, and many end up paying for it. OCS can be really tough on the body, and injuries are very common. OCS has softened a lot since 07, but it's still a lot of running, humping, and walking really fast in boots with a pack on and while carrying a rifle. It's pretty hard on your lower body. This is why I say running should be Jon's #1 priority right now.

And all that speed stuff is wrong in this case. And the bodybuilding-type stuff is basically lactic and oxidative work. It has nothing to do with sarcoplasmic hypertrophy in this case. Plus, bodybuilding-type reps don't work well for hypertrophy, without lower-rep strength work, unless you're on steroids.
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