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Originally Posted by Jon Pechette View Post
Thanks for the responses! I think I'll do what Donald suggested. For recovery should I plan in weeks with less mileage or just rest when I'm not recovering well?
You can pretty much go by feel.

I recommended a lot of slow jogging, which builds up your general cardio and the low threshold (low power, high aerobic capacity...which helps with general recovery intra- and inter-workout) muscle fibers in your legs.

You should be able to work up to or already do what I recommended with little trouble.

The key is to not try to work at too high an intensity for too long. You really don't need to work at too high of an intensity right now. You can maybe do one threshhold run (run about as fast as you a PFT run) a week, and the other 1-2 fast runs a week can be just regular hard runs. You probably don't even need very much threshold-type work. You could probably do it just once ever 3-4 weeks if you want.

The thing're not at an advanced or elite stage, so you don't need to follow any strict program to improve. Just focus on building your basic endurance, and then you can up the intensity and speed later.
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