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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
We recently acquired a used MRAP tire at for my buildings workout yard. I've done tire flips in the past but always as a messing around thing never all the time. Anything I need to keep in mind? According to this article I've been doing them very wrong.

In the past I had always done as a DL movement, today I tried it with my hands wide and dropping my hips way down it seemed to work but now I have a "tire burn" all the way across the top of my chest and my tops of my arms. Not sure if I was doing something wrong or it's normal? All I know is that when I shower tonight it will hurt, badly.

Any tips or articles you guys with experience are willing to share would be appreciated, as well as tire flip workouts. Today we did flips to one end of the yard and then the other guy flips it back, ended up being 12-13 flips per person, one way.
Sounds right, everybody flips different and will flip different tires differently, light tires I like to go wide and use no knee, flip it up catch the underside and push over trying to catch the bounce. With heavy tires I go narrower with hands inside of the knee and use a split to catch it, if it's really heavy I'll work it up my chest and "press"/lever it over

I recently hit a retarded rep PR on our 750 tire and by the last few I had probably flipped that tire every conceivable way. My takeaway is that you should try it every possible way.

one of my fav. workouts with a heavy tire is I go/You go with a training partner back and forth until a miss or ladders same format.

my benchmark crossfit workout is 123

100k log clean and press x 5
200k axle DL x10,
300k tire x 20...

one trip through is all that I have ever taken.
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