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Originally Posted by Jacob Rowell View Post
I favor the wide grip/narrow stance setup for most tires as well. Get the shoulders into the tire if it's tall enough, get the feet about squat stance, and drop the hips to below shoulder height. I've been taught to get more of a forward drive into the tire, vs a deadlift/knee/push over setup. As the tire is passing through around 45 deg, you'll be able to initiate a big knee and hip extension, and from there drop under quickly and walk through.

keep your hands on the tire as the flip is completing to minimize wobble, and to make sure you're getting right back on it for the next flip.

All of that goes out the window was a tire outside of your normal flipping ability, like Dave said.
That is how I was doing it, I was trying to drive my chest into the top of the tire, and have my hands as wide as possible. It was very different trying to push it up as opposed to the pull it up method as I had used in the past.

Do you get tire burn? on your chest/arms at all? It looks pretty vicious still and doesn't feel great either.

This tire isn't even that heavy I think online specs say it should be around 335 or so. I'm just happy our little gym here is starting to get a little better, and I just found out they actually run BJJ/Muay Thai classes over at the Canadian Gym on base.

So far I have built a pullup bar out of tie-down straps and a bar, York sent us a free KB, I used some water jugs for farmers walks, and we have a tire. Next I'm going to take one of my duffels and throw some stuff in there for sandbag stuff, not much in the way of sand here, a lot of dust, no sand though.
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