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Ola Persson
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Originally Posted by Per Karlsson View Post
You are not doing it right, its common knowledge that beer has anabolic effects
No wonder Ive stalled, Easter was all about snaps.

Regarding conditioning: my sessions has been too few and to far apart to tell. Normally it shouldn’t affect your strength gains that much. For a more detailed answer regarding the Greyskull LP see the sticky thread over at Strength Villain.

27 April
Press 62,5 kg 2*5 1*15
Deadlift 180 kg*9 – huge disappointment. I aimed for at least ten but felt tired warming up. Hopefully this is due to infrequent training over the last couple of weeks, lack of nutrition and/or too few rest days since I last DL:ed. If not and this trend continues I need to do something.
Neck Harness 22,5 kg 4*30
My log.
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