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kareem s
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my shoulder routine is:-
military press 3*15 , i can barely lift 88 lbs once
DB military press 3*12
lateral raise 3*8
front raise 3*12

Diet :- pre workout i have lunch 2 hours before
During exercise i drink water + any kind of fruit juice
i always take 2 eggs - 400 gm of yogurt and 2 bananas post workout
and a big meal an hour after
supplements are not available in my area , i like keeping on natural, non-processed stuff anyway

i sleep 7 hours daily ...i'm an ectomorph by the way and i have an afternoon nap (about 30 min minimum , 1:30 hours max)

i can't give my full name because it's not pronounced the same in english , in English it's more like a girl's name
so, i gave a shortcut as a respect to forum rules
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